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Interactive Text Messaging

The Office of Academic Computing (OAC) interactive texting system is used for research participant data collection and communication. Our interactive texting system utilizes Twilio to send SMS text messages to research participants. All that is required is an existing mobile phone, eliminating the burden of Android or iPhone apps to install or maintain. Contact us to receive a quote for your specific research project.

Interactive texting services we offer include the following:

  • “Text for Info” – research participant recruitment tool with staff email alerts
  • Research staff can “converse” with recruits using the same text phone number via an online web browser interface
  • Automated appointment reminders to research participants and real-time alerts to staff
  • Exceptionally convenient for studies that include an Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) component
  • Assessments selected by the research team served at specific scheduled times or initiated by the participant
  • Links sent via text are anonymous and masked such that participants are not required to input a username or password, yet the system will logically recognize the participant
  • Text OAC DEMO to (412) 214-7735 to try out our interactive text messaging system