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Database Development

Data is the raw material of research and quality research depends on data integrity, timeliness, and accuracy. The Office of Academic Computing (OAC) has developed innovative techniques to ensure datasets meet the needs of your research projects. Contact us to receive a quote for your specific research project.

Database development services we offer include the following:

  • Design and maintenance of SQL server databases using SQL Server Management Studio
  • Numerous rigorous tools to support data integrity: Foreign Keys, Constraints, Table Triggers
  • Thorough training and support in SQL Server, T-SQL, and Microsoft Access
  • Double data entry systems for paper-based forms
  • Comprehensive data change logs that track insert, update, and delete operations for each record, which are logged and safely stored
  • Automated email and text alerts driven via the database
  • Research participant appointment or assessment reminders
  • Staff alerts for any event (e.g., suicidal ideation, form or battery completion, and overdue forms)
  • Microsoft Access forms, reports, and file versioning, which allows for seamless updates
  • Clinical Research Management System that includes study design, participant recruitment, screening, consent, scheduling, and follow-ups
  • PowerShell programming for data transfers
  • Scheduled tasks such as automated data transfers and data archiving