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Custom Programming

Sometimes turn-key solutions are not enough, especially for dynamic research projects. The Office of Academic Computing (OAC) builds reliable custom programs to meet every challenging situation. Contact us to receive a quote for your specific research project. 

Custom applications for Windows and Linux operating systems 

  • Signal processing 
  • Time Series Data (TSD) processing, aggregating, and rendering 
  • Third-party software data transfers 

E-Prime, MATLAB, Python, C#, C++, and Visual Basic applications 

  • Custom hardware interfaces 
  • Stimuli and response tracking 
  • Data conversion systems, data editing using a graphic user interface and tracking, report generation, process logging, as well as interfaces with multiple database systems to allow many avenues of data mining   
  • Connectivity with external hardware and the trigger/response interface 
  • Data driven scheduling systems 
  • On-line spectral reports 
  • Real-time clinical reports and file upload systems for video files 

BIOPAC, Mindware BioNex, and Mindware Mobile 

  • Real-time physiology data-acquisition hardware platforms, both discrete and integrated