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The Office of Academic Computing serves the IT needs of the Department of Psychiatry. Working in collaboration with both the UPMC and University IT Departments, it maintains the security, reliability, functionality and recoverability of servers and workstations used Jack Doman, OAC Director; Duane Mengo, IT Managerby research and academic faculty and staff. Using current best practices in database and applications development, its services include applications for specific data collection and processing and robust database designs with emphasis on data integrity and security. The OAC specializes in custom applications and clinical research management systems (CRMS) integrated with secure online data collection.


The OAC, through the Department of Psychiatry, provides support to the WPIC research community for basic computer infrastructure and operations support. The following services are available at no cost to investigators:


  • Assist with the purchasing and ordering of computer equipment
  • Installation of standard workstations onto the UPMC network
  • Assist with maintenance and repair of standard workstations as well as related equipment
  • Coordinate the disposal of outdated equipment
  • Assist users with specialized software installation
  • Provide user support and respond to user questions. Assist users with questions regarding UPMC and University IT systems.

Servers and Networking

  • Maintain departmental files servers and provide departmental storage for WPIC research groups
  • Maintain a backup system for departmental file shares and SQL servers
  • Provide departmental SQL Servers, specialized database servers, including Point-In-Time backups
  • Provide a departmental SQL Server for research subject's identifying information
  • Manage user accounts and security groups in UPMC and Pitt networks


  • Ensure that all web and database servers have the latest virus protection and spyware services installed
  • Ensure that all operating systems are patched and upgraded under UPMC’s security policies
  • Daily review of security, system, and application event logs

Additional "Contracted Services" are also available and funded through grant and hard money support.

Our Mission

The mission of the OAC is to support the computer infrastructure of the WPIC research community.  The OAC also offers customized data management, programming and specialized approaches to study coordination.


Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic
Office of Academic Computing
University of Pittsburgh
Thomas Detre Hall
3811 O'Hara Street, Suite 430
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-586-9622